6740x3390 Large Kitset Garage with Swing Doors




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==Why buy from Living4less==
#10 Years Manufacturing Warranty
#NZ Trusted Brand
#Shed Specialist
#0.32mm Thick steel(cheap one only 0.25mm)
# Auckland Showroom
#Nationwide quick delivery

==DO NOT Buy Sheds==
-At Low Price without a good warranty
-No display
-Do not allow pick up
-Do not have spare parts ready

2.15m tall wall, 2.5m head room under the peak!

Although designed for storing cars, this garage is also good for storing goods. Why paying $100 per week for a same size storage? While all the household stuff can be stored right at the back yard with 24/7 access.

All of our Steelmates Garden Sheds are shipped directly from our own warehouse to you. No middle man means more saving.

Affordable do-it-yourself storage shed solution.

These sheds are manufactured by deep profile ribbed steel sheeting which made the shed's structural strength even stronger and also provides an attractive, durable quality for years of performance,


- New improved modular design,you can pick your own set up if this does not suit.
- Strongest on the market! With roof beam 1mm thick cross supports.
- Deep ribbed strong 0.32mm corrugated wall and roof panels to ensure maximum security and strength
- Side access door which can be put onto either side
- 10 years warranty


Easy to assemble, easy to follow step by step assembly instruction
- Individually numbered parts for easy identification
- Pre-drilled holes

Colour: Dark Grey

Base Dimension:
3390 mm (W) x 6740 mm (L) x 2480 mm (H)

Door opening dimension:
2440 mm (L) x 2090 mm (H)

Carton Sizes :
Carton A : 217x95x10cm 100KG
Carton B : 217x95x10cm 80KG
Carton C : 217x95x10cm 80KG
Carton D : 217x95x10cm 105KG

Available sizes with hinged door:
3.39 x 3.40
3.39 x 5.07
3.39 x 5.90
3.39 x 6.74
3.39 x 7.57
3.39 x 8.40
3.39 x 9.24

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