Patio Cover Installation

There are several ways to attach living4less patio cover onto your house. The kitsets will come with a mounting bar the same length as the patio cover itself, it needs to be mouted onto a section of your house. The canopy has a return on the end to catch the goove on the mounting bar, then fastened with 2 bolts on each side of each purlin. 

1. The easiest scenario is to attach to the wall directly.

The example below shows installation on a two story house

Example below is patio cover installed on one story house. 


2. Attach patio cover directly onto fascia board. 

3. If there is gutter installed on the fascia board, and it is not enough space for the patio cover. You can mount a long piece of timber under the eaves, please make sure it is mounted onto the joists. Then the canopy can be mounted onto the side of the timber. 

If you are working with limited space. The canopy can be shortened in two directions. It needs cutting of the aluminium extrusions and roof sheets.