2.5m Tall Double Bay Heavy Duty Storage Shelving 2500H x 4000W x 600D




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Living 4 Less Long Span Shelving is a complete storage system ideal for garage, warehouse, retail and industrial storage applications. These typically include automotive and other spare parts, hardware, bulk retail and general purpose carton and archive storage. Living 4 Less Long Span Shelving can accommodate a wide range of storage requirements, including your home garage.

If you require shelving that is hard-wearing, carries large weight loads and is aesthetically pleasing, then this is perfect for you.

Heavy duty commercial grade storage shelving unit. Reinforced structure with extra safety feature, please read on.

- No nuts or bolts - just tap together for simple assembly
- Extra reinforced ribs on all panel
- Sprayed plastic coating - much stronger than normal paint, the steel won't rust
- 24 Months Warranty!


Length: 400CM
Width: 60CM
Height: 250CM
Loading capacity: 1600Kg
Color: Blue & Orange

3 x Blue Uprights
16 x Orange Horizontal Beams
16 x White Shelves
heavy duty nuts and bolts